Night Surf is back for the summer!

Scent Descriptions:

Beach Break–Grapefruit–The places where the waves break over the sandbars

Beach Madness–Sandalwood–Not a surf term but self-explanatory 🙂

Dawn Patrol–Tangerine–Going surfing early in the morning to meet the rising sun.

Pearl–Lavender–When a surfer buries the nose of their surfboard into the waves

Ricos–Vanilla Sugar–Rich, Perfect

Riptide–Lemon–A stretch of water that is particularly turbulent.

Shaka–Pink Sugar–A sign surfers use, made from extending the thumb and the little finger

Rock Dance–Coffee–The moves made by surfers who exit the water through a rocky section

Tubular–Oatmeal & Honey–Awesome, great, Rad

Night Surf–Bergamot, Orange, Deep Sea Water, Hyacinth & lemon zest–Surfing by moonlight

Hang 11–Hickory & Suede–A male surfer who rides naked

Tombstone–Tobacco and Bay–When the surfer is wiped out and sinking below the surface of the water and their surfboard is bobbing up and down connected to them through a leash

Wipeout–Congo Lime–Falling off a wave while surfing