Beard Shampoo


Is it ok to use cheap hair shampoo on my beard?  Many of the store-bought products are full of chemicals that will cause the shampoo to lather quickly, but these harsh toxic chemicals come into contact with your skin and hair.

When you decide to grow out a beard and stop shaving, the skin on your face and neck begin to produce more in the way of dead skin cells.  These dead cells get trapped in the beard and the hair follicles.  Our all-natural ingredient shampoo will strip away those dead skin cells as well as dirt, grime and dust, replenishing the area with oils that are stripped away.  

At Lilo & Meg, we use all-natural lathering agents to provide a rich, foamy lather that works effectively. One of the best advantages of an all-natural beard shampoo… you can use it on both your beard and the hair on your head!

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Beard Shampoo: Vegan

*Jojoba Oil, *Castile Soap, *Rosemary Antioxidant, Fragrance


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