Artisan Soap


Handmade artisan soaps with a fresh scent and superior lather made with all natural ingredients.

With the combination of organic, natural butters and oils, you will moisturize, soften and soothe rough skin. Wash your hands and body with this indulgent formula leaving your skin hydrated and replenished. 

Our soaps are packaged in what appears to be a plastic bag…but guess again!  These are fully biodegradable plant-based bags, so no need to worry.

In our efforts to remain as environmentally sound as possible and keeping our customer wished in mind, we have discontinued the use of any sustainable palm oil, butter or kernel oil in our products.  We spent some time re-vamping our recipes and believe we have come up with an exemplary, sudsy wonder of a bar.  So, as of September, 2021, all of our artisan soaps are palm free.  

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Refreshing scents, amazing lather



Ingredients:  *Mango Butter, *Olive Oil, *Coconut Oil,*Rice Bran Oil, Lye (none remains after saponifying oils and butters into soap), distilled water, Fragrance, may contain micas, clays, dried flowers 


(*) Organic

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Beach Break, Beach Madness, Blueberry Thyme, Congo Lime, Espresso, Lemongrass, Oat & Honey, Pearl, Raspberry Ale