The Lilo & Meg Story

At Lilo & Meg, we believe there is a better, cleaner way to care for our bodies than with chemical-filled products. We are obsessively passionate about this and here is why…

We have always loved luxurious, relaxing, fun skincare options. I mean, who doesn’t want the most beneficial product to make your skin feel soft, supple and glow with infused energy? Being young adults and on a very limited budget, many of these products just aren’t feasible.

The idea of Lilo & Meg was there in our minds for quite some time, but it sat on a back-burner. We then had a big wake-up call…Our mom was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor and she was scheduled for surgery ASAP. Luckily, the surgery was a success and even better news was that the tumor was NOT cancerous. Yay!!!

Our mom decided that from this point on in her life, she would limit her exposure to chemicals and live as organic a life as possible. This jumpstarted our plans to create a product line to help her in those endeavors.

So, with much research, study and product trials, Lilo & Meg bring our products to you…enjoy and let your natural beauty shine through.